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Don't miss the opportunity to connect with Psychic Bob at his NEW PHONE number! To connect with me for scheduling Private Readings, Media Inquiries, Public Appearances, and any business, Please Call:
We look forward to hearing from YOU! If for any reason you can not connect via phone, you can also write to me at:

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Psychic Bob's New Artwork Psychic Bob's New Artwork

To download this artwork simply position your mouse pointer over the image, then click the right mouse button. Select 'save image as' from the list. Choose a location to save the image onto your computer. That's it! If you wish to print out the image you can simply locate the image on your computer and open it. Then select the print option. We hope you enjoy this newest piece of artwork from Robert Hickman.

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Psychic Bob's 2019 Predictions

Channel Panel Psychic Bob Trance Channels

Channel Panel Psychic Bob Trance Channels

Psychic Bob's LIVE Media Appearance

Psychic Bob's LIVE Media Appearance

Come out to see Psychic Bob live and in action on Monday, April 23rd at the Fillmore in Silver Spring Maryland. Psychic Bob will be appearing at the "Mystic Mix and Mingle" as a psychic reader for the radio station WRQX - Mix 107.3 FM.

Join us for social mixing and psychic mysticism. Get your tickets for this major event by clicking the link below. I can't wait to see you there!



Psychic Bob at 107.3 Mystic Mix & Mingle Event

London Daily Star Interviews Psychic Bob About Death of George Michael

Psychic Bob was contacted by the famed London Newspaper "The Daily Star" for an exclusive interview about his channeling of messages from George Michael a year after his death.

White Star of Witchcraft

The Ascended Master MalchizedekGet your FREE White Star of Witchcraft for your home. Right click on image on left and save to your computer/phone for printout.

The Ascended Master Malchizedek

The Ascended Master MalchizedekThis is a picture of Lord Melchizedek. He is the Ascended Master who guides the energy current of the Order of the Gold Light of Melchizedek. Please feel free to click on this and save it to your computer. If you are interested in joining the Order of the Gold Light of Mechizedek, I am an initiating Priest. To learn more about the Order and to receive initiation into the Order of the Gold Light of Melchizedek, please contact me via e-mail at Initiation is FREE to all sincere, interested parties, but you must complete some requirements to receive initiation.

Upon completion of training and initiation you may print your Official Certificate for the Gold Light of Melchizedek by clicking this link:
Official Certificate  


Merkaba The Merkaba is a mystical form of Sacred Geometry, used by the members of the Order of Melchizedek to access spiritual power. By meditating on this light form, one raises their vibration and can connect to Higher Dimensions.

book release

Here is a follow on to Bob's previous book Psychic Bob's Book of Spells. Psychic Bob's Book of Wiccan Wisdom; brings you the collected wisdom of Psychic Bob's journey over the past 15 years as a Wiccan priest. He covers many topics that will help you on your spiritual journey, whether you are Wiccan or any other faith. Topics such as attuning to the Earth emergies, bringing sacred space into your home, and working with the energies of the Moon can be found in this book. Whether you are new to the spiritual path, or a long time practitioner, this book is sure to bring a smile to your face, as well as cause you to raise your brow in lofty thought. The book is highlighted with Psychic Bob's own artwork that includes his ever-popular images of the Witches of Wiccaville!
Come learn about Psychic Bob's into the mystical world of Wicca! Pick up a copy today of his newest release "Psychic Bob's Book of Wiccan Wisdom.

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Let Psychic Bob guide you each day! Follow him at YouTube! Psychic Bob is one of the top YouTube celebrity psychics. He releases multiple videos each week drawing over 40,000 views each month. His videos cover many psychic-themed topics. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS on his ever-popular program, Messages from the Spirit World. His weekly video, Psychic Bob's Horoscopes, will tell you what's in the stars for you each week. In addition he conducts paranormal investigations of haunted sites and explores the UFO phenomena! Follow Psychic Bob and subscribe to his YouTube,
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Come Learn About Magick and Wicca
Psychic Bob Wiccan High Priest Are you interested in exploring the mysteries of Wicca? Would you like to be part of a mystical Wiccan Order? Perhaps you should consider joining the Order of the Purple Cord. The Order of the Purple Cord is an on-line spiritual order that is dedicated to helping people learn and grow in the Wiccan faith. We are an open, tolerant, and liberal group who focus on the Craft of the Wise. We honor the individual, the Lord and the Lady, and focus only on magicks in harmony with the Wiccan Rede. Each week we have special videos to help members learn and grow in their Craft.

If you are interested in joining the Order, we only have 3 requirements.
1. You must apply through sending us an e-mail with your request to join.
2. You must agree to uphold the Wiccan Rede.
3. You should make for yourself a Purple Cord to wear as your sign of memmbership in the order. The purple cord should be worn as a necklace or cincture, and can be made of any material, rope, cord, yarn, thread, etc,. You may use other colors in your cord, so long as the predominant color is purple.

Upon completion of the above, you can then print out your Certificate of Membership and you will be an official member. We have no dues, and membership is for life. You may belong to other groups if you so desire, and may resign your membership at anytime. Send email requests to or

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psychic bob selfie
Order of the Purple Cord

Wiccan Wisdom Novel by Psychic Bob
Psycic Bob Hickman
Lord Bob Hickman
Psychic Bob Hickman
Order of the Purple Cord
Psychic Bob
Isis Order of the Perfect Cord
Scrying with Psychic Bob
Psychic Bob
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psychic bob selfie psychic bob selfie
psychic bob selfie

Order of the Purple Cord

Wiccan Wisdom Novel by Psychic Bob
Psycic Bob Hickman