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Psychic Bob has been working with Spirit for over 25 years. His early years as a psychic were spent helping people who had haunted houses. As the years went on he was introduced to the Spiritualist Church and became a professional medium. Over the past 25 years he has helped countless thousands with his psychic readings and spiritual advice. Bob is fond of saying, We are all on a soul journey, and so we must view each other with compassion. He loves to travel, teach classes, and seek out paranormal adventures, many of which are told in his various books. When not travelling and doing readings he loves to write, paint, and explore the mysteries of Wicca.

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Let Psychic Bob guide you each day! Follow him at YouTube! Psychic Bob is one of the top YouTube celebrity psychics. He releases multiple videos each week drawing over 40,000 views each month. His videos cover many psychic-themed topics. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS on his ever-popular program, Messages from the Spirit World. His weekly video, Psychic Bob's Horoscopes, will tell you what's in the stars for you each week. In addition he conducts paranormal investigations of haunted sites and explores the UFO phenomena! Follow Psychic Bob and subscribe to his YouTube,
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Scheduling Readings

Many people have experienced a haunting in their lifetime. For some it is a fascinating experience, and for others it is a terrifying experience.

Over the past 20 years, Psychic Bob has visited locations all over the world and connected with Spirit to help lost souls as well as the inhabitants of properties who encounter these souls.

If you believe you have a haunted property, you might wish to contact Psychic Bob for an investigation. He can do a site visit and assessment as well as provide services to help bring a resolution to the haunting.  Contact Psychic Bob at 703-825-3929 to schedule a Paranormal Investigation.

marquis of montross

In 2017 Psychic Bob was awarded a title of Nobility by the International Royal Association for his charity work for their order. He received a Marquisate and will now be titled:

Marquis of Montross
Psychic Bob wishes to use his title to draw attention to charities that he supports such as the Red Cross Disaster Relief. Check back for upcoming charity functions His Lordship will be supporting.

Come Learn About Magick and Wicca
Psychic Bob Wiccan High Priest Are you interested in exploring the mysteries of Wicca? Would you like to be part of a mystical Wiccan Order? Perhaps you should consider joining the Order of the Purple Cord. The Order of the Purple Cord is an on-line spiritual order that is dedicated to helping people learn and grow in the Wiccan faith. We are an open, tolerant, and liberal group who focus on the Craft of the Wise. We honor the individual, the Lord and the Lady, and focus only on magicks in harmony with the Wiccan Rede. Each week we have special videos to help members learn and grow in their Craft.

If you are interested in joining the Order, we only have 3 requirements.
1. You must apply through sending us an e-mail with your request to join.
2. You must agree to uphold the Wiccan Rede.
3. You should make for yourself a Purple Cord to wear as your sign of memmbership in the order. The purple cord should be worn as a necklace or cincture, and can be made of any material, rope, cord, yarn, thread, etc,. You may use other colors in your cord, so long as the predominant color is purple.

Upon completion of the above, you can then print out your Certificate of Membership and you will be an official member. We have no dues, and membership is for life. You may belong to other groups if you so desire, and may resign your membership at anytime. Send email requests to

Order of the Purple Cord